Whale Watching Cruises

Come play where the whales stay...in Hervey Bay.

Hervey Bay is known as the 'nursery' for Humpback Whales on their Southern Migration.  Here, they come to rest, relax, feed the newborn calves, play and mate.  


It's the only place on the Eastern seaboard where they're not in migration.  They aren't simply passing by the boat; they're in the warm, safe and usually calm waters of Platypus Bay (off Hervey Bay) for a few days at a time.  In that time, you could see them fully jump out of the water (breach), slap their hind body out of the water (peduncle throw), leap forward (head lunge), peer above the surface at us (spy hop) or simply come and 'mug' the boat (hang around so close to the boat you could almost touch them).  

We're out whale watching, but really, they're out people watching.  Sometimes they're watching us for a few hours.  How's that for an up close, intimate wildlife encounter!?  Many people say it's a life changing experience being in the presence of these beauties.  Well, that's up to you to decide... 

Book the best Whale Watch experience in Hervey Bay with Whalesong Cruises now to secure your spot for 2019!


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