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Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins

Offshore Bottlenose Dolphins are the larger cousins that visit the bay in the winter months. The cold nutrient rich waters in winter provide many baitfish that attract the offshore bottlenose into the Bay. Yellowtail, herring and slimy mackerel are abundant on the reefs of the bay and the dolphins will cover vast distances to find them.

These large and robust dolphins are the speedsters of the sea and never fail to put on a show. bow and stern riding are a speciality of these dolphins, they are very interactive and love the boat and people’s attention. Hervey Bay appears to be an important area for mother and calf offshore bottlenose dolphins as there is a high proportion of mothers and calves when the bait fish are most abundant.During the warmer months, the larger bait fish disappear and the offshore dolphins tend to head to deeper waters off Fraser Island.

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