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Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins

Inshore Bottlenose is permanent residents of the Hervey Bay, Fraser Island and the Great Sandy Straits.

Inshore Bottlenose dolphins grow to approximately 2.8 metres in length and are generally observed in pods of up to 12 animals.they have favourite feeding and socialising areas spread out over large territories. Single sub-adults are often observed throughout the bay feeding most of the time and showing little interest in the boats.

Food for inshore bottlenose varies within the seasons, when the baitfish are abundant in the middle of the bay (generally in winter) they are observed feeding out wide of the island, during the summer months the inshore bottlenose dolphin tend to frequent the banks and foreshores of the islands.

The Inshore Bottlenose is very resourceful and can use their echolocation to dig up fish and other prey in the sand. On a number of occasions, they have been observed tossing large shells on the surface eventually breaking free the large mollusc inside.

Pods of inshore dolphins close to home recognise our boat and playfully ride the bow or stern wave. Pods further out in the bay are shy and tend to keep their distance.

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