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If you have ever been whale watching I am sure you’ll agree that that they are possibly one of the most fascinating marine mammals that we have the wonderful opportunity to interact with. there are many different species across the globe. Check out our top 5 Facts about whales that you may not know about these gentle giants.

Fact 1: Humpback whale calves drink a LOT of milk…

Did you know that humpback calves can drink up to 600 Liters of milk a day and can put on up 50 kgs  per day in the first few days after being born. When Humpbacks are fully grown they can weigh an average of 30,000 Kilograms which is the same weight of 4 elephants or 7 rhinoceroses.

Fact 2: Whales don’t drink water…

Whales don’t drink salt water… So how do they stay hydrated? Whales get all the water they need through a process of metabolizing the fat that is found in their food.

Fact 3: The closest living relative to humpback whale is…

Did you know that the closest living relative to these giant marine mammals are in fact the hippopotamus.

Fact 4: Smiling whales…

The Beluga whale is the only member of the Cetacean order that can produce a facial expression?

Fact 5: How deep can whales dive?

We all know whales are expert divers.  BUT, did you know the Cuvier’s Beaked Whale have been recorded officially be scientists to dive to a depth of 3 kilometers and stay submerged for over 2 hours!?

Sperm Whales also deserve a special mention as adults can dive down to two kilometers and stay underwater for just under 2 hours. Sperm whales often feed on squid which live quite deep in the ocean so the adults need to dive to catch them.

BONUS FACT:  Which whale lives the longest?

In their natural wild environment whales can live for a very long time, as once they reach adulthood there are few creatures that will prey on whale species especially the larger ones. The Bowhead whales that spend their time in the arctic are considered one of the oldest living mammal species and are the longest lived of all the whales – it is estimated that some Bowhead whales could live up to 200 years old in their natural environment!


We hope you enjoyed our collection of facts!  Which facts did you already know?

Or, if you know an even weirder fact about whales, we’d love to read it in the comments below…


Posted on April 12, 2018 by whale

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